About Us

ryan brown

Hey, I’m Ryan and I’m speaking for my group of friends. We are a group of engineering professionals who happen to enjoy woodworking in our spare time. We don’t make money from it, nor do we build things for anyone other than ourselves. I decided to create this website for us to showcase some of our projects as well as document a lot of our lessons learned as we progress in this crafting hobby. Our workshops consist of garage converted workshops. One of these days I hope to make a post that details how I built my workshop tables so that they would disassemble easily so I could still get the cars in the garage. Mostly it resembles something that Norm Abram has built on his PBS show, New Yankee Workshop.

Most of the projects that we work on are furniture woodworking. We will usually find pdf plans on the internet and use those to create stunning pieces that we use to furnish our homes. Personally, I have built 2 beds, a lovely amish dining room table, and a few small jewelry boxes for my wife. In the future we would like to start creating some YouTube videos explaining how we built some of the projects contained on the site, but we will have to learn some video software first.

We also like to review various power tools and other tools that we use. Given that we are all detailed oriented, we tend to read a lot of reviews online before we buy tools, but many of these reviews are highly prejudice and don’t give non-biased information on the particular tools. That is why we like to review some of the tools that we own in order to provide information to others on why we chose the tools we did, and whether or not we think that they are worth the purchase.

If you want to get to know us more or have questions on anything that you see on the site, please use our contact form to get in touch with us. We are busy with our primary jobs, but we will make every effort to respond to you in a timely manner.